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General Information

  • Location: Murhofstrasse 15, 4915 St.Urban, Switzerland
  • Number of staff: 8 people + several huipil suppliers
  • Founding year: 2015

Where is Guatemala?

It is located in Central America, located in the south of Mexico, and shares borders with countries like Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. The population is about 15.5 million.

What is huipil?

The huipiles are one essential part of the traditional garments that the Mayan communities of Guatemala wear. They are the equivalent to the female blouses. The huipiles are completely handmade with thousands of colorful threads. One piece takes around 2 to 4 months to be completed.

Often, the huipiles contain specific symbols like animals, pyramids, the Sun, and many more according to the community they represent.

Are the products really handmade?

Yes. Every piece is 100% handmade. From the huipiles that bring color to the products, until the production of the bag itself.

Why do you say it is unique?

Even though there are many Guatemalan communities that still preserve the traditional garments as part of their everyday, it fades from time to time. Therefore, the elaboration of huipiles or cortes (the skirts that Mayan women wear) is completely valuable to keep this ancestral tradition. Each k’amo product is considered unique because they contain in them one valuable piece from the Mayan culture and you will not find two pieces that are exactly the same.

Do you use real leather?

Yes. All of k’amo products are made of high quality cow leather. You can verify it in the tag each product has when you purchase them.

Are the metal pieces rusty?

No. All of them are made of non-rust material.

Are the threads going to washout?

No. The huipiles that the Mayan women create are made from the highest quality threads. Interesting fact: A huipil of a Mayan woman can be worn for more than 12 years and still remain in good shape.

On the other hand, the products of our category “for the house” require a special care. We recommend our customers to wash them by hand, as the threads could lose brightness if it is done in a washing machine.

Is it mass produced?

Our business is family owned. We just work with carefully chosen artisan families.

Are k’amo products “fair trade”?

Yes. Since we just work with families we personally know, we can assure that the money goes to the correct hands. The artisanal work has an impact not only to the families that develop it, but also to the community they belong to. Our major goal is to expand this impact to benefit more and more families with this business.

Can I return my product?

Yes. For more detailed information please check our Terms and Conditions in the footer of the website. Then, click on the returns link to get the form you need to fill out.

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